Does Keto Coffee Make You Lose Weight?

This will be quite difficult to find a person who doesn’t like coffee. However, you might be on a journey to reduce weight, and you cannot enjoy coffee as before. But what if I tell you that you can enjoy the taste of it and it also helps you to lose weight?

One day during a tea break, I saw my friend hesitating to order coffee. I asked her, and she said she followed a strict plan, yet she misses the taste of coffee now and then. I recommended her bulletproof coffee, known as keto coffee. So, now you might be curious about the question, does keto coffee make you lose weight?

A keto plan is a rigorous process of shredding extra weight by following a low-carb diet plan. It is quite impressive that keto lovers have come up with this new idea of coffee. However, to know if it is just a myth that it helps to lose weight or not, you should read my article till the end.

does keto coffee make you lose weight

Keto Coffee Explained 

If you are first time hearing about this type of coffee, then this section will help you to get some idea. It is something more refreshing than regular coffee and follows the rule of the ketogenic diet. Like other keto-oriented food, it focuses on low-carb and high-fat.

This coffee is famous for boasting your energy instantly. The combination of hot brewed cup coffee with grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil contains healthy fats.

Using MCT coconut oil instead of ordinary coconut oil ensures a more concentrated combination in your coffee. On the contrary hand, the butter must be unsalted and grass-fed.

If you look at the components of the coffee, you can tell this might not be a good choice for a regular person; however, the rich fat amount will surely come in handy for the people following the keto diet plan. It is not a magical drink that will reduce your weight automatically.

The History Behind Keto Coffee

The origins of keto coffee may be traced back over a thousand years when the stimulating qualities of coffee were just newly discovered. Ethiopians discovered that by combining ground coffee with a type of clarified butter known as ghee. They created an easily transportable snack that may offer an energy boost on lengthy journeys.

During 21th century, an American entrepreneur, Rick Asprey, discovered butter tea while trekking in Nepal. He felt the extra energy boost and other functions. This practice is also popular in the Himalayas, where they add butter to their tea and coffee.

When he returned to the states, he improvised the idea and named his butter coffee ‘bulletproof coffee.’ The MCT oil was a unique addition to the drink, and he trademarked it.

Coincidently, bulletproof coffee received a craze for its ingredients when the idea of the keto diet was getting popular. The butter and MCT oil in the coffee go well with the ketogenic meal plan. Thus, people start calling Asprey’s bulletproof coffee ‘the keto coffee.’

Ingredients To Make Keto Coffee

As I told you earlier, keto and bulletproof coffee are basically the same. And there is no concrete way of making it. So, to make your own keto coffee, you will need these ingredients,

  • One cup of coffee
  • One tablespoon of virgin coconut oil
  • One tablespoon of unsalted grass-fed-butter   

However, as there is no strict rule to its recipe, you can follow your requirement and add egg yolks, collagen, cinnamon, low-carb sweetener, or coffee creamer for additional taste. 

Procedure To Complete Keto Coffee Recipe

procedure to complete keto coffee recipe

After you have gathered the things you need, you can start making the coffee yourself. The coffee has both water and oil and which is difficult to mix. Thus, you need a blender at full speed to get the ultimate result. 

Initially, you have to brew one cup of coffee. Next, you have to pour the coffee along with the butter and coconut oil with any preferred ingredients into the blender. Lastly, blend the coffee mixture in a blender until smooth and frothy. 

You are able to get 220 calories with the essential ingredients. If you add any other ingredients, that can provide you with up to 475 calories. And among 25 grams of fat, 21 grams are saturated fats.

Nutrients In Keto Coffee

Butter coffee or keto coffee is a vast source of fat as it contains butter. The butter coffee is the regular version of the branded bulletproof coffee. Many keto lovers consume this coffee as their breakfast.

nutrients in keto coffee

However, the major portion of this fat is saturated fat. Almost 85 percent of saturated fat is a huge amount just for one serving. Some studies show there is no direct link between heart disease and saturated fat. Nevertheless, it increases cholesterol.

We will look at the nutrition of 240 ml of coffee with two tablespoons of coconut oil and butter,

  • 445 calories
  • Carbohydrates: 0 gram
  • Total Fat: 50 grams
  • Protein: 0 gram
  • Fiber: 0 gram
  • Sodium: 9% of the recommended (RDI)
  • Vitamin A: 20% of the recommended(RDI)

Despite being high in calories and dietary fat with vitamin A, it lacks other nutrients. So, does keto coffee make you lose weight? The answer would be no if you are taking them as a regular coffee with a regular meal plan.

Keto Coffee And Weight Loss

The fundamental tenet of keto is that you substantially reduce the carbohydrates you consume daily. Americans typically eat hundreds of grams of carbohydrates each day. You’re only permitted 20 to 25 grams if you follow strict keto.

keto coffee and weight loss

Generally speaking, the keto plan has a lot of protein and good fats. These two macronutrients serve as a substitute for carbs in the keto diet, which is why it is more than just a low-carb diet. It is also a high-fat diet.

The body cannot produce glucose when you don’t give it enough carbohydrates. It needs to locate a different energy source in order to operate.

The brain loves ketones in several ways. It goes into ketosis, a metabolic state. When the body is in ketosis, the liver generates molecules called ketones, which the body and brain can use in place of glucose to function correctly.

The body burns its stored body fat to create ketones. And we definitely don’t need to point out that fat burning is one of the key elements in weight loss.

Therefore, keto dieters must consume a lot of healthy fat to make up for the carbs they aren’t eating to stay in ketosis. So, does keto coffee make you lose weight? It may not be entirely, but it helps you to accelerate weight loss if you are already following a strict keto diet.

Health Benefits Of Keto Coffee

health benefits of keto coffee

Drinking keto coffee has several good impacts on your overall health. And here are a few of them. 

It Makes You Feel Full

Keto coffee has the right number of calories and fat. Comparatively, fat can make you feel sustained longer than protein or carbs. Therefore, you can replace breakfast with it and feel fuller for a long time.

Beneficial For Your Digestive System

You can drink keto coffee on an empty stomach. The healthy oil helps to balance the bacteria inside. Similarly, antimicrobial proponents reduce the bad bacteria and keep your digestive system healthy.

Enhances The Cognitive Function Of The Brain

The keto and low-carb diets have substantial brain advantages. When you follow a ketogenic diet, ketones primarily sustain your brain. Therefore, this coffee can provide up to 70% of your brain’s energy demands.

MCT oil reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s & dementia and enhances overall brain function. Plus, the memory booster of coffee helps you concentrate.

Aids In Managing Epilepsy

The ketogenic diet was introduced in 1920 to treat epilepsy. The high fat and low carbs help to control spasms. Sometimes children who don’t respond to medication well are recommended this. However, consult the doctor before adding it to the diet.

Helps With Weight Loss

The major objective of the keto diet is to assist those who want to lose weight. People start a diet high in fat, low in carbohydrates, and moderate in protein in the keto plan. A keto coffee has the same impact.

In short, you are restricting your food intake. Nevertheless, you will have more energy if you add additional fat to your coffee while fasting.

Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes

Research shows that MCT oil and caffeine are good proponents that reduces the risk of diabetics. Multi-chain triglycerides reduce weight and fat losses and assist in reducing the risk for type 2 diabetes.

Anti-inflammatory Properties 

Mostly the coffee you will use is organic, and there are fewer preservatives. Grass-fed butter, if it is all organic, contains omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acid is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent and helps recover from heart attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I drink keto coffee if I’m not on a keto diet?

Yes. Even if you are not on keto, drinking bulletproof coffee can help you lose weight, manage your blood sugar levels, and provide quick energy to start your day.

2. Is keto coffee good for your metabolism?

Unlike regular coffee with creamers and sugar, which can provide immediate energy due to the caffeine and sugar but eventually leads to sugar crashes and, over time, even glucose intolerance, keto coffee provides long-lasting energy, boosts your metabolism, increases focus, curbs cravings, and helps you lose weight.

3. How many times can you consume keto coffee per day?

The specialist will recommend consuming one to two keto coffee cups daily. You may go beyond two cups if you have excessive caffeine tolerance. It’s best to get two cups of keto coffee for breakfast and eat after nine p.m. for intermittent fasting.

4. Can I have cream in my keto coffee?

Two tablespoons of heavy cream contain 0-2 grams of carbs, making it an excellent choice for the keto diet. Sweeten it with sugar-free sweetener if desired.

5. Can I mix additional ingredients on keto coffee?

Numerous coffee add-ins are keto friendly. You can drink coffee with heavy cream, unsweetened almond milk, or coconut milk on the keto diet.

You may add stevia or monk fruit sweeteners to get a sweeter taste. Add an extract or sugar-free syrup to your coffee for a different flavor.

6. What makes keto coffee different from regular coffee? 

Keto coffee is high in protein and healthy fats that will keep you feeling full and energized until lunchtime and beyond. On the other hand, ordinary coffee is typically dark black or with milk, sugar, and with or without creamer.

7. Does keto coffee benefit you?

Keto coffee may benefit your health if you strictly follow a ketogenic diet. If correctly ingested, fat-rich coffee can assist certain dieters in increasing their fat intake and achieving a deeper state of ketosis. Add butter, MCT oil, or coconut oil to your next pot of coffee.

8. Does keto coffee reduce hunger?

Keto coffee use could aid in weight loss by curbing hunger. Healthy fats are abundant in keto coffee. It usually prolongs your feeling of fullness. Your body enters a state of ketosis, and keto coffee helps to convert the fatty acid to ketone bodies.

Final Thoughts

Butter coffee or keto coffee may help people follow a ketogenic diet. However, there are a number of healthier ways to start the day. Its effects of it on your metabolism and energy levels are not established by statistics yet.

If you are still wondering, does keto coffee make you lose weight or not? The answer is keto coffee can accelerate weight loss in people already on the ketogenic diet. However, those who aren’t strictly adhering to a low-carb diet might gain extra weight by drinking keto coffee.

You can consume it to avail the benefits it offers. However, super coffee can be an alternative to bulletproof coffee with a good outcome for both keto and non-keto consumers.

It offers the health advantages of bulletproof coffee without the excess calories and saturated fat and instead contains coffee, MCT oil, additional protein, and monk fruit extract for sweetness.

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