Are Raisins Keto Friendly?

I often scream at my wife, “Do you understand what the keto diet means?” Well, she is very fond of carbohydrates, and one of the important things to do in a keto diet is to keep your carbohydrates intake as low as possible.

Like my wife, my son is a raisin fan, and he likes to throw some on top of his dinner dessert. Since half of my family planned to start a keto diet, it is my responsibility to figure out whether they are maintaining the proper diet or not.

Are raisins keto friendly? Many people consider them as a snack, while others like raisin toppings on many recipes.

To answer the above question, we will look at the nutritional values and different benefits of raisins and go through the carbohydrate level of a particular keto diet.

I hope that you will enjoy this article. Have fun!

are raisins keto friendly

Where Did Raisins Come From?

The history of raisins goes way back to 1490 BC. The discovery of raisin was a surprising accident when humans found dried grapes on top of the plant. After they found out that this particular grape tasted different, they began experimenting with different types of grapes.

Crusaders introduced raisins to Europe and later rose to fame and shipped all around Europe. By the end of the 14th century, the Spanish found the exact method to make raisins from grapes, and it became a vital ingredient all over Europe’s cuisines.

Now that we know different types of grapes result in different raisins, Roman physicians started experimenting with them for medical purposes, and they soon found the cure for many diseases.

To this day, California is one of the largest producers of raisins, and their city, Fresno, is known as the Raisin Capital of the World.

Details About Keto Diet

A keto diet means that a person should lower the consumption of carbohydrates daily. What happens when someone starts a keto diet? The first physical thing to notice is weight loss.

details about keto diet

A keto lifestyle is advantageous for both your current and long-term health. There are certain restrictions on a keto diet; the only substances you can eat are fat and protein.

How does a keto lifestyle help physical health? While you lower the intake of carbohydrates, your body lacks the fuel for respiration and starts breaking down stored fat that has made you unfit for a while.

If the stored fat is broken down, your body will start to lose weight, and you will feel the lack of respiration fuel with proteins and extra fat that you eat.

Though some people may not like this keto-friendly lifestyle, there are many benefits to performing a strict keto diet, and some of them are mentioned briefly below.

Why Is The Keto Diet Good For Health?

The keto diet is good for health because,

  • It helps in weight loss
  • Reduces the probability of cancer
  • Improves physical health
  • Enhances brain function
  • Improves the blood circulation

Benefits Of Raisins

As said earlier, scientists worldwide are still working on finding some health benefits from raisins. It’s my job to provide you with the existing ones.

benefits of raisins

So, here goes some of the health benefits that result from eating raisins:

Increased Fiber

When you consume more fiber, it can help make your digestive system more efficient, and hence you will not struggle from certain constipation. Also, fibers result in losing a tremendous amount of weight.

One variant of fiber- dietary helps to decrease the LDL cholesterol level in the blood and hence less chance of sudden heart attack.

More Calcium

If you want to keep your teeth and bones healthy, I would suggest having some raisins because they contain intense levels of Calcium that are essential in increasing bone density.

Lack of Calcium results in osteoporosis, a health condition of sudden weakening of bones that might cause them to break. This syndrome is more likely to witness menopause, and doctors suggest eating food that is a good source of Calcium, hence raisins.

Good Source Of Iron

Eating raisins provides a good amount of Iron in the blood, which is the primary substance for constructing hemoglobin, which is stored in the red blood cells and carries oxygen to different parts of the body.

It is highly important to maintain the hemoglobin level in the blood, which would not be possible without Iron. If the body faces Iron deficiency, a person might suffer from Anemia.

Surplus Of Antioxidants

Raisins are a plentiful supply of chemicals known as phytonutrients; some of the kinds are known as phenols and polyphenols. These phytonutrients help in the function of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and get rid of free radicals from the blood.

It also protects different cells and DNA from any foreign attack of bacteria hence reducing the chance of cancer.

Produces Antimicrobial Compounds

Raisins also consist of antimicrobial compounds, which really help in maintaining strong gums and teeth. Raisin produces chemical oleanolic acid and linoleic acid, which fight the bacteria that form a cavity in the mouth.

Among the cavity statistics, children suffer the most, and that is why it is recommended to provide them with a sufficient amount of raisins followed by a nice cleansing of the mouth before going to bed.

Nutrient Contents Inside Raisins

nutrient contents inside raisins

The general rule of the keto diet suggests that the minimum carbohydrate consumption should be between 20 and 50 grams. If a particular fruit or vegetable contains more carbohydrates than the above-stated value, that specific fruit or vegetable will not be considered keto-friendly.

That is why it is always important to know the nutritional contents of a certain substance before adding it to the ketogenic process.

So, here goes the tables for different nutrients present in raisins. The measurements are taken from a box of raisins weighing about 100 grams.

Net Carbohydrates74.8 grams
Dietary Fiber3.57 grams
Fats0.3 grams
Proteins3.3 grams
Energy290 calories
Sodium-ion11 milligrams
Potassium ion749 milligrams
Magnesium ion32 milligrams
Iron electrolyte2.6 milligrams

It is also essential to know the vitamins present in raisins as different vitamins help in various aspects of the body. Raisins are associated with vitamin C and vitamin B6.

Vitamin C helps with the development of body tissues and other necessary components. Therefore, the physical significance of vitamin C is that it is vital for body growth.

On the other hand, vitamin B6 comes with lots of health benefits. It helps to keep a jolly mood in your daily lifestyle, hence overcoming certain depressions.

B6 also improves blood circulation in the brain, which reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. Most importantly, vitamin B6 helps produce hemoglobin, which prevents Anemia.

Raisin- Is It Keto Friendly?

If you want to maintain a strict keto diet, you will have to keep your carbohydrates intake between 20 and 50 grams. But, as you can see from the above table, a box of 100 grams of raisins contains 74.8 grams of net carbohydrates which is way above the range.

Therefore, are raisins keto friendly? The answer will be simple, No. When you include raisins in a keto recipe for your keto diet, pay attention to the amounts of your raisin toppings. The recipe might taste delicious, but too many raisins will ruin your keto diet.

raisin- is it keto friendly

One other reason not to include raisin in a regular keto diet is that it is low on fat. As fats are the prime source of energy during a keto diet, consuming a small amount of them and a more significant amount of carbohydrates will turn the table of the diet.

Instead of losing weight, you might notice more stress after a few runs on the street. The ideal percentage requirement for the keto diet is 70% fat, 20-25% protein, and 5-10% carbohydrates, and this requirement is a must-follow procedure if you want to stay healthy.

Recipes Involving Raisins

Raisins are used in various dishes, and they are mainly used as toppings in many recipes. You can serve them anytime you want to start from breakfast, lunch and ending at dinner.

Let me introduce you to some of the best ways to feel the taste of raisins:

  • It can be used as salad toppings
  • Enhances the flavor of oatmeal
  • Great for enjoying with yogurt
  • A mixture of milk and raisin in the cereal is a dream come true
  • It can also be used as baked toppings for cookies, bread, or muffins
  • A prime ingredient when it comes to making chicken salad

Side Effects Of Raisins

Every food has some advantages and disadvantages, and raisin is not the exceptional one. Though eating raisin has many health benefits, consuming too many carbohydrates can result in side effects.

side effects of raisins

Down goes some negative impact of overeating raisins:

  • It may have an adverse effect on your digestive system, for example, diarrhea
  • It gives rise to specific diseases
  • Raisins may be allergic to some people
  • If you are on a keto diet, raisins will help you gain some extra pounds instead of losing weight

Some common allergic reactions due to raisins are as follows:

  • Infection might arise from certain bacteria
  • Itchy nose
  • Encounters breathing problem
  • Too much rash
  • Frequent coughing
  • Swelling of tongue
  • Produces histamine, which lowers the blood pressure to a minimum level

Suitable Alternatives For Raisins

This article is well established that raisins are a high carbohydrate fruit at this point.

Additionally, if you are scared of all the side effects mentioned above, there are always alternatives that you can try for your keto diet and do not end up with any allergic reactions.

Here is some alternative for raisins that will be suitable for a keto diet for fruit lovers:

  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Avocados
alternative for raisins that will be suitable for a keto diet

Other alternatives also include:

alternative for raisins

If you wish to switch to vegetables, cucumber is the most keto-friendly vegetable, and it is also most suggested by every doctor for any diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are raisins good for health?

Raisins are packed with fibers, proteins, and carbohydrates, which are essential compounds for the body. Moreover, it has numerous benefits; one of them is preventing heart diseases. So, yes, they are suitable to maintain good health.

2. Is raisin bran good for weight loss?

Raisin bran is high in fiber and almost contains no fat, which is the prime requirement for massive weight loss. Therefore, it will be a wise choice to shift to raisin bran.

3. Is it safe to recommend raisins to a diabetes patient?

Raisin controls the blood sugar level, so it is suitable to include them in a diabetes patient diet list. Too much raisin will have the opposite reaction, so be careful about the amount.

4. Are raisins free of gluten?

The manufacturing companies do not process the dried fruits that contain gluten. So, yes, Raisins are naturally gluten-free.

5. Why is it necessary to soak a raisin in water?

If we eat soaked raisins, it helps absorb more nutrients and Calcium, which increases bone density and results in stronger teeth.

6. Which type of raisin is considered the best?

Sultana, known as golden raisins, is the best for a healthy body for a balanced combination of fiber, carbohydrates, and other vitamins.

7. Do raisins enhance sleep?

If you eat a considerable amount of raisins before going to bed, you will have a good night’s sleep. Low amount results in low sugar which enhances more sleep.

8. Is it beneficial to eat raisins on an empty stomach?

Yes, eating raisins on an empty stomach helps digestion, keeps the blood’s iron level constant, and improves bone density.

Final Thoughts

People with obesity tend to choose the keto diet and dream of losing a valuable amount of weight. My concern is for those people, and I will recommend you not destroy those dreams with your raisin cravings.

Are raisins keto friendly? A big no. In fact, they are the enemies of the keto diet. I did provide you with many alternatives; take your pick and perform a healthy diet.

Be careful and do not cross the limits as you have read all the side effects for those who like raisins and are not on a diet.

Hey there. I am a registered doctor and founder of this site. The main goal of this site is to help individuals with good food habits, diet, and nutrition. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, exploring different food recipes and diets.

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