Is Bragg’s Liquid Aminos Keto Friendly?

No one likes bland food. Foods with flavor give us the fabulous feeling of life.

I like my meal times to be the highlights of the day. But it is tough to use all my seasoning while on keto. So, I explored the options for keto friendly flavor enhancers.

While you are on keto, you cannot eat high sugar or carb seasonings that cut out most of the ketchup and sauce from the list.

Hence why the best way you can oomph up your dishes is to use low-carb sauce and seasoning.

And I am about to share all things good about the best seasonings. Have you ever thought to yourself, is bragg’s liquid aminos keto friendly? hop in; we are going to find out the answer.

is bragg's liquid aminos keto friendly

Ketogenic Diet

For a while, people hated fat and thought it was the only enemy of fitness. But say no more because fat is in one of the most talked-about diets today; the ketogenic diet.

In a ketogenic diet setting, you will get about 80% of your daily energy from fats, and about 20% comes from protein. The carbohydrate will be the lowest, about less than 5% of the net.

Carbohydrates are the primary macronutrient you will avoid, and fat is the one you will consume daily.

Depending on the style you want to follow, ketogenic diets have various ranges. Some are high protein, moderate fat, high protein, high fats, and high fat, low carbs.

The Foods Allowed While On Keto

While on keto, some foods you can consume are,

  • Poultry meats or white meat. You can consume red meats, but be careful not to consume a high amount of red meat
  • Eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein and essential fats. So, while on keto, try out some meal ideas with eggs
  • Fish. Especially saltwater fishes as they contain many essential minerals
  • Nuts and healthy legumes as they are suitable for health
  • Different kinds of cheeses to expand your palate
  • Plain yogurts. Avoid artificially sweetened yogurts as they might clash with the keto regulations
  • Vegetables with low carbohydrate content
  • Unsweetened low-carb beverages

Foods To Avoid While On keto

In simple words, you need low-carb foods. This also means you cannot eat your favorite pasta, pastries, chips, and sugary fizzy drinks without regulation.

It would be best if you avoided anything that has high carbohydrate levels.

You need to cut out high sugary fruits and sweetened yogurts from your diet, which means no big bowl of oatmeal with fruits and yogurts.

Different ranges of sweetened tea, coffee, lemonade, or milkshakes are also a big no-no.

What Is Seasoning?

Seasonings are different types of herbs and spices used to enhance the flavor of the food.

Every ingredient has distinct flavors and tastes. And some food raw materials like meat and fish have smells and flavors that do not give a pleasant taste by themselves. Something as small as salt can elevate the taste of food exceedingly.

Cooking with seasonings gives beautiful sensory values such as sweetness, saltiness, umami, spiciness, and aroma.

Different Seasonings

There are many different seasonings available throughout different cultures all over the world.

Common seasoning ingredients are pepper, red pepper, cayenne peppers, oregano, cilantro, marjoram rosemary, and thyme.

Some cultures love seasonings with mixed spices like mixed garam masala with cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, and red chili pepper.

Several cultures use a variety of ranges in vinegar-based and fish sauce seasoning.

Many peoples love unique seasonings; some are spices salts, black bamboo salt, clove oil, aged soy sauce, flavored soy sauce, soybean pastes, and sesame oil.

Spices And Herbs

Spices and herbs are made from natural ingredients from different plants and parts of plants. They are significant in increasing the palatable features of foods.

Spices can come from different plant-based ingredients such as flowers, roots, leaves, stems, bark, and seeds.

Herbs are generally considered the leafy parts of plants. Basil, rosemary, mint, and coriander are some popularly used herbs.

And ginger, garlic, black pepper, and bay leaves are mainly used as spices.


Soybeans are part of the edible legumes group. Soybeans are an excellent ingredient for food production because they are used in various foods.

Depending on what you want, you can make tofu, soy milk, seasoning products, or soybean paste from soy.


Many have loved soybeans because of their protein content, which is perfect for protein replacements in vegan or vegetarian diets.

Soy-Based Seasoning Sauce

One of the most popular uses of soybeans is soy sauce and other seasoning products made from it.

There are varieties of soy sauce available depending on the intensity of flavor and the food you are cooking.

Soy sauces are fermented products. The core ingredients for soy sauce are soybeans, an adequate amount of wheat, salt, sugar (if needed), and fermenting agents.

The unique aroma and umami of soy sauce make them outstanding and loved by everyone.

It is a staple in different cultural cuisines of East Asian countries.

Bragg Liquid Aminos

To correctly answer the question, is bragg’s liquid aminos keto friendly or not, we need to know more about the product itself.

This is a seasoning sauce made with ingredients derived from fermented soybeans.

braggs liquid aminos

The main two ingredients of this seasoning sauce are purified water and soybeans. It is very similar to soy sauce based on consistency and taste, but they are milder.

The core flavor of the sauce is to give a taste of meaty and savory deliciousness with a hint of umami.

Some of the bright sides of these products are that they do not contain artificial flavors, preservatives, or genetically modified ingredients.

Macronutrient Contents Of Bragg Liquid Aminos

These products do not have any fats or carbs added to them. Per teaspoon of Bragg liquid aminos has zero grams of fats and carbohydrates, with 1 gram of protein and only 5 calories.

Are Bragg Liquid Aminos Keto Friendly?

The Bragg liquid aminos do not contain any carbohydrates, which is a plus point and you do not need to avoid them while on ketogenic diets. These products also do not have added sweeteners, food additives, or refined oils.

So, to sum it up, is bragg’s liquid aminos keto friendly? The answer will be yes. You can use it to season your keto meals.

Amino Acid In Bragg Liquid Aminos

Bragg liquid aminos have sixteen different amino acids.

The amino acids are protein fragments or the building blocks that make up protein. They are vital in muscle health in the body and hormone and enzyme production.

Are Bragg Liquid Aminos Vegetarian And Vegan Friendly?

The liquid amino from Bragg does not contain any animal-sourced proteins. The proteins present in this are plant-based proteins.

So, they are naturally vegan and a great ingredient to use for your vegetarian meals.

Storage Span

The Bragg liquid aminos can be stored for a long time. You can reserve and use this for up to three years. But make sure to keep it in a cool and dry place without contact with direct sunlight.

An excellent point for this liquid seasoning is that you do not need to refrigerate them.

Using Of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

You can cook many different things with Bragg liquid aminos. As they are keto friendly, you do not need to stress about measuring too precisely.

using of braggs liquid aminos

Just use as much as you like depending on your cooking style and preferences.

If you like to dip, cook, season, or even drink this sauce, you are free to do so as it has a pleasant taste.

Stir-Fried Vegetables

To make this delicious stir-fried vegetable, pick your favorite low-carb veggies. Start preparing the ingredients by chopping them into bite-size pieces. Take your frying pan and put a little bit of cooking oil.

Now, in medium heat, start to fry the veggies until they look tender. When you are ready to put your salt and seasonings, add your Bragg liquid aminos just like you usually put your soy sauce.

Measure the amount according to your choice because the soy sauce is a little heavier than the Bragg liquid amino; you might need a little more while using it.

Finish your cooking once the veggies are soft and easy to chew.

Dipping Sauce

If you like to eat steamed veggies or meat hotpots and need a dipping sauce, you can easily use Bragg liquid aminos as your dipping sauce.

This sauce has a delicious aroma and umami, perfect to level up the flavor of your food.


While you are cooking your meat, you can use Bragg liquid aminos to enhance the essence of your food. Soy sauce can be a perfect marinating ingredient for your meat-based dish.

While wet marinating your meat, put some soy sauce in with the other ingredients and gently rub them on your steak/piece of meat.

Leave it in the fridge for the time you usually prefer, and cook your steak, stir fry, or cutlet just the way you like it.

Fish Fillet

Who does not like fish fillets? And while on a keto-based diet, fish will be your best friend in preparing a nutritious and filling meal.

One of the most delicious and nourishing fish fillets is salmon. If you want to make your salmon taste amazing, use Bragg liquid aminos combined with other seasoning sauces to cook them.

Marinate the fish with the seasoning sauces of your choice and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Now, if you want to bake the fish, put it in a baking tray, sprinkle some salt and seasoning powder and olive oil and bake it in the oven for ten to twenty minutes, depending on the temperature and size of the fillet.

And if you want to fry it, fry the fish on a non-stick pan with a little bit of oil for a couple of minutes.

Serve your dish with a side of veggies and greens for a delicious meal.

Alternatives Of Bragg Liquid Aminos

If you cannot find Bragg liquid amino and want to use some alternative sauces that are also keto friendly, you have a few things you can try.

The first choice you can make will be coconut-based aminos. Coconut aminos have a limited energy count and are just as delicious as any other liquid seasonings.

You can use tamari sauce as your cooking and marinating ingredient. Tamari sauce gives very similar flavors to soy sauce, but keep in mind that it has a few carbs, but they are too little.

If you are on a very restricted zero-carb diet, skip this one, but if you are okay with just a little bit of carbs here and there, you are good to go.

Sugar-free steak sauces are an excellent seasoning for your delicious steaks while on keto.

You can use the low-calorie mustard sauce for a tangy and spicy twist. Mustard sauces can be used as seasoning, dipping sauce, and spread.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main ingredient of Bragg liquid aminos?

The main ingredient present in the Bragg liquid aminos is soybean. It is a soy-based product.

2. Can I use Bragg liquid aminos as a seasoning in beef jerky?

Yes, you absolutely can. While preparing the beef jerky marinating mix, add a couple of teaspoons of Bragg liquid amino in it with the other spices.

3. Is Bragg liquid aminos a spice?

No, Bragg liquid aminos is a seasoning sauce.

4. Is Bragg liquid aminos low in sodium as compared to soy sauce?

Yes. Bragg liquid aminos are a low sodium alternative to the traditional soy sauce found in the market.

5. Do Bragg liquid aminos have gluten?

Even though the company does not state it, this product is naturally gluten-free because of its ingredients.

6. Does Bragg liquid aminos have MSG?

No. the Bragg liquid aminos do not have any added MSG (Monosodium glutamate).

7. Are Bragg liquid aminos fermented?

No. the Bragg liquid aminos are produced without any fermentation.

8. Are Bragg liquid aminos pricier than soy sauce?

Yes, because of the ingredient’s particular production techniques and quality, the Bragg liquid aminos are a little pricier than any generic soy sauce.

Final Thoughts

No rule says you have to chew, choke and swallow your food without taste while on a diet.

Even though you are on keto, you can still enjoy your meal with seasonings. You have to be innovative and careful while you pick the seasonings.

If you had the question “Is bragg’s liquid aminos keto friendly?” in your mind before reading this article, I hope you got all the information needed to answer the question.

Enrich your keto diet with delicious food to have the best dieting experience.

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